Gender Diversity – What the AFL can teach us

As we approach the first Saturday in October, the nation, particularly WA, is abuzz with talk of the AFL Grand Final.  The anticipation and excitement building as each week of the finals series is completed. […]

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5 things the corporate world can learn from the Abbott vs. Turnbull chapter

15th September 2015

Tony Abbott wakes up this morning in a different role, unexpectedly preparing for life after Prime Minister. It seems we now might live in a country where we vote a leader in, then […]

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So you just lost your job, what next? The first 3 things to do.

1.    Allow yourself to adjust and emotionally recover – seek friends, etc

When you first find out your role has been made redundant, you will go through a range of emotions. As irrational as they often […]

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The top 5 complaints that redundant employees have of their employer after the event

I sat down with my team last week and discussed the 150 outplacement services that we have undertaken this year. The conversation turned to what the pattern of comments has been from the outplaced candidates […]

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