Career, Baby then Job? – It doesn’t have to be this way

Baby Proof your career

There is some misconception that once the decision to start a family comes along then a woman’s career is over.   There are also those that cast doubts on a woman’s ability to […]

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3 Ways the pain of a retrenchment exercise can be lessened

Those remaining staff left behind after many colleagues have lost their positions during a company’s phase of restructure, can be flooded with their own collection of questions and emotions. Why them? Why not me? Am […]

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Retrenching before Christmas

The idea of letting go of staff before Christmas may sound “callous” upon first thought, however Briscoe Consulting have another take on this highly debatable subject.

We completely understand the potential emotional effect of someone losing […]

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From talk to action – female participation in a corporate environment

Gender diversity is a hot topic these days, more so since Committee for Perth’s “Filling the Pool” research was released in May. Since then we have seen a huge increase in noise around the subject […]

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